welcome to necroembers realm: art by a digital illustrator



the person behind the art

Hello, my name is Amber Anderson.
I'm a digital illustrator and graphic designer based in southern California.
Currently a freelance illustrator with prior web and print design experience.
For more info (or work availability), my contact email is necroembers@gmail.com.
No A/I or N/FT's.


support the arts

There are two shops for adorning your home or body with necroembers art.
My primary shop is powered through fourthwall. Most items are fulfilled through Printful this route.
Also have a TeePublic shop, where a lot more of my art is hosted.

necroember's fourthwall shopteepublic shop icon


ending credits

If you're into metal, I also make chainmaille jewelry and accessories (including fidget toys).
Find some cool handmade items at Neon Dragon Chains.

neon dragon chains banner
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